We are always looking to grow our PTA! Your membership truly means you feel pride in our school, teachers and our children. Anyone in your family or your extended network is welcome to join at any time throughout the school year. Your annual membership dues go towards our fundraising efforts, enrichment programs, and PTA sponsored events.

100% Membership is our goal. Help us reach it!

PTA Membership Form 2019-2020

Get Connected: There is no better way to know what is happening at our school. Joining the PTA is more than just volunteering your time and talents, it helps you connect to your community by interacting with the staff and other families. You become part of the solution.

Be a role model: By becoming a PTA member, you'll be demonstrating to our children the importance you place on education. Our students see you value the place where they attend all year.

Enjoy Member Benefits: Along with all our community events and activities, there are State and National retail benefits such as discounts to FedEx, Great Wolf Lodge, Key Arena/McCaw Hall, etc. when you place your membership.

More information on Membership Benefits

We have many opportunities, big and small, that we would welcome your support.

Joining does not mean that you have to volunteer or attend every PTA meeting, but membership gives you a vote on issues or events that you want to support within our Crystal Springs community.

Most importantly, your membership shows our students that you are involved in their education!

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