Crystal Springs PTA Officers/Chairs 2019-2020

President – Stephanie Pierce

The President (or co-Presidents) is the presiding officer and official spokesperson of the PTSA. Facilitates all Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, and General meetings. Gathers input from Committee Chairs and prepares Agendas with the Secretary. Communicates regularly with the school Principal, staff, Board of Directors, and PTSA members as well as potential PTA members. Participates in Northshore PTA Council meetings. Delegates responsibility where appropriate to the VP’s.

Secretary – Julie Hance

The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes and recording all business at every PTA meeting, including General meetings, Executive Committee meetings, and Board of Director meetings. Prepares minutes from previous meetings for review/approval at the next meeting. Works with the President to plan meetings and create agenda’s and informs President of unfinished business from previous meetings. Responsible for taking attendance at meetings to ensure the quorum. Facilitates meetings in the event the President and Vice President are absent. Maintains a roster of Board of Directors, ensuring all contact information is up to date. Keeps a current roster of members on hand during meetings. Maintains the copies of all documents for the official PTA files.

Treasurer – Colin Callaghan

The Treasurer is elected by members to be the authorized custodian to manage PTA funds. Ensures all PTA funds are promptly deposited into PTA bank account(s), separate from funds of any other organization. Ensures appropriate insurance (liability insurance at a minimum) is purchased for the PTA. Keep accurate and detailed accounts of all funds received and disbursed. Responsible for paying all authorized financial obligations of the PTA. Prepare and file the appropriate federal tax forms, incorporation report, and charitable organization report in a timely manner. Preserve all receipts, invoices, bank statements, canceled checks, and other financial records. Submit and report on a detailed, written monthly financial report at every Board of Directors & General Meeting. Submit written reports by email to the board during months when no meetings are held. Work with the support of the President to create the proposed budget for the following year.

VP Fundraising – Charlie McNerney

Recruits and coordinates with committee owners who support fundraising – Dinner Night Out, Easy Fundraising, Fall fundraising campaign.

Works with the Treasurer to track and validates Fundraising budget line items Coordinates with the VP of Communications to update the Crystal Springs PTA website on all fundraising activities and affiliate promotions.

VP Enrichment Activities – OPEN

Provides support for program chairs and their volunteers throughout the year. Programs include Art Docent, Art Walk, Reflections.

VP Community Relations – Esther Smith

The community relations vice president is responsible for the coordination of and activities related to building a positive relationship between the school and community. This includes both community advocacy efforts and emergency preparedness of the school. Specifically, the community relations vice president will:
• Work with the school and community to build positive relationships
• Work with school advocate to help provide services to Crystal Springs Families in need
• Arrange for food, clothing, and/or toy drives at PTA events
• Find and coordinate volunteers for Community Service, Watch D.O.G.S., Family Events, and ESL Outreach.

VP Communications – Melissa L. Halbert

Communicates with Crystal Springs parents via the PTA website regarding PTA events, as well as general school and district information.

Oversees the Chairs for the PTA Website, Facebook, Newsletter, Readerboard, Yearbook, and Copy Center.

Assists in writing “What’s Happening at Crystal Springs” submissions, kid-mail, and other parent communications when needed. Addresses questions that Crystal Springs parents submit via the email box directing them to the appropriate board member if necessary.

Membership – OPEN

Works to sign up members to the PTSA and entering those members into the state website. Communication with parents and staff through flyers and newsletters as well as being there on curriculum night are important to this position.

Student Directory – OPEN

As part of membership the PTA offers a free student directory. Chair works with enrollment administrator of school to collect student data, organizes information, then prints and distributes directory.

Legislative Advocacy – OPEN

Keeps the PTSA membership informed about local, state and national level issues, and how they impact our children. This person would give reports to Membership at the four general PTSA meetings and give updates for the school newsletter.

Financial Review Committee – OPEN

Perform an audit of the PTA bank account/books twice yearly.

Copy Center Chair – Anita Fischer

The copy center chair is responsible for making copies of all outgoing fliers and communications to be sent home in kid mail. You will also be asked to copy other materials needed for meetings, events, etc. All fliers must be approved in accordance with PTA and school guidelines. The copy center chair is not responsible for creating the fliers but should make sure the disclaimer is present on all fliers and those general guidelines are followed.

Event Photographer – OPEN

Our Events Photographer takes photos — ideally high-quality, with an SLR camera — at as many CSPTA events as possible, and uploads them to a secure folder for use with permission on our Facebook page, and on our website. This helps us document and advertise the work and service we provide all year long and gives new parents a sense of what our events look like. A good picture is worth 1,000 words!

Facebook – Misha Robinson

Keeps the PTA Facebook updated with current information that is provided to them from the Board of Directors.

Newsletter – OPEN

Facilitates the creation of the monthly PTA newsletter.

Reader Board – Laura Skinner

Updates the reader board along 9th Ave. with PTA and school information on a regular basis.

Website – John A. Halbert

Keeps the PTA website updated with current information that is provided to them from the Board of Directors.

Yearbook – OPEN

The chair works with the Crystal Springs office to ensure all students are represented per privacy policies. Coordinates volunteer photographers to ensure each school event is photographed. Yearbook goes to the printer in early May.

Family Events – OPEN

Oversees the January and May family events.

Staff Appreciation Chair – OPEN

Plans and hosts several events during the year for all of the Crystal Springs staff members so the PTA can show our appreciation.

Watch D.O.G.S. Coordinator – Damion Deaterla

Organizes the Watch D.O.G.S. on-campus program, by working together with the principal, teachers, and Crystal Springs fathers. The purpose is to get dads, stepdads, granddads, and other male mentors into our schools and into students’ lives in a positive way by getting male role models on campus to spend a few hours or a full day.

Art Docent Chair – MaryKay Webster

The Art Docent chair will work with classroom docents to provide training at the beginning of the year, update and revise notebooks and resource materials, and will work with the Art Walk chair to support the Art Walk. Classroom art docents implement already designed grade-level art lessons in coordination with the classroom teacher requests. “NO” experience is necessary and all materials are provided. Classroom docents sign up at the classroom level.

Art Walk Chair – OPEN

Helps run the yearly Art Walk. Coordinates with the Art Docent Chair to obtain art from each classroom. Also coordinates with the Reflections Chair to display Reflections entries.

Reflections Program Co-Chairs – OPEN

This is a National PTA contest that allows students to create works of art for fun and recognition. Students in all grades are encouraged to create and submit works of art in six areas: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts.

Spelling Bee Chair – OPEN

The Spelling Bee Chair is responsible for organizing the annual Crystal Springs Spelling Bee. The PTA registers with Scripps Spelling Bee to allow the winning student to continue to the Regional competition with the possibility of continuing to the state and national events.

Dinner Night Out Chair – Charlie McNerney

Dinner night out (DNO) is a fun way for the PTA to earn extra money and also for families to get together outside of school. Generally, Crystal Springs Families are encouraged to eat at a specific restaurant on a specific evening. The participating restaurants generally donate 10-20% of the total amount spent by Crystal Springs Families to the PTA. In addition to local restaurants, some retailers like Barnes and Nobles also offer similar events. The DNO Chair is responsible for scheduling these events and providing the fliers and information for distribution to the families.

Easy Fundraising – Christina Rock

Organize and manage Box Tops collection/submissions, including collection contests and marketing. Help promote other easy fundraising opportunities such as Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer Community Rewards.

Fall Fundraiser – OPEN

Helps support the school during the yearly fundraiser/Fun Run. This is not a PTA event, however, we do provide support in promoting the event and staffing volunteers.

Spirit Wear Co-Chairs – Stephanie Hoover and Stacy Jordon

Coordinates the selling of t-shirts and sweatshirts with the Crystal Springs logo so the students, staff members, and parents can show their Roadrunner pride. Plan and manage fall spirit wear sales, including but not limited to, ordering, inventory management, marketing, event sales, and product delivery.

Harvest BINGO  – OPEN

Plan and organize our annual Bingo night, including marketing, volunteer recruitment, prize basket collection, and event management.

Movie Nights Chair – Damion Deaterla

Oversee the after school movie events.

We are always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated, love-to-have-fun people to join the team! All chair positions can be shared, so bring a friend. If interested, please contact